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See 6 Reasons Why Oladips May Remain An Upcoming Artiste


See 6 Reasons Why Oladips May Remain An Upcoming Artiste

See 6 Reasons Why Oladips May Remain An Upcoming Artiste


Their is a crucial aspect of art, be it music, humorous literature, painting, etc. What is the delivery; How do you do what you do.

They say that a nice cup gives a good impression even if the tea has not been tasted.

We will take a look at six tactics that each musician has to use to improve his presentation to the public.
What Oladips does not have.

1. Record Label

Why do you think artists like Adekunle Gold pave the way for fame so quickly after signing it? We can not build everything around the uniqueness of his music, but we should put more emphasis on his label.

Oladips needs a better label that can make fire on his tongue and the beauty of his rap. It needs better connectivity with the public and only a good label with effective managerial skills can get it.

2. Branding

Oladips is a very talented rapper and if you are very aware of his delivery, you will see a message deeply rooted in punches and rhrunningsverses.

But almost all of his songs tell how brutal and dark his past was. And most of the time, the public becomes so irritated and tired of “the story of my life”.

Once I heard something say that he looks inside the gutter every time he walks by the road in case he finds an artist coming because all claim to come from there. We are tired of its history, it needs to brandish itself by throwing street shots. It must connect to the world.

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3. Hyping

If you do not beat yourself, who will? This guy needs to be more connected to social media and the Internet. It must work on its publicity, dissemination and public awareness.

4. Ordinance

You can not leave inspirations and songs. We know that, but that we learn from artists like Olamide, his early days in the music industry were treated with some consistency that one wonders if he had a music bank, also Wizkid.

But these guys followed a sequential pattern. Do not stifle the audience with tracks we do not even know. One track at a time. Let us settle for one before we hit with another.

5. Maturity

I am pretty good punches, but the words of Oladips are somehow vain and immature. I listen much to lil kesh and even with its vulgarity and loose lines, it is able to capture my heart with ripe lines that sometimes make me shudder.

I always married with his play on words and I wonder if he was once a poet. Oladips must grow his words and merge them with the expectations of the audience. It has been in the industry for quite sometimes now.

6. Writing the song

To be factual and realistic, most, if not all, songs of Oladips, resemble freestyle. As if he had just played with the microphone. The one who writes his songs for him needs an imprisonment, if not a “death in pendant”. He stops his career with bad choruses.

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I think it’s high time that this guy finds himself a wonderful songwriter or collaborates with good singers in the industry.

The power of your song lies more in the melody, depth and delivery pattern of your choir. One of the reasons why “Wen Kawifa” and Charlie Puth remain on everyone’s reading list.

The world needs professionals, no talented immortal children as Oladips claimed to be. Hardwork beats the talent if the talent does not work hard. Only if Oladips will understand what the word “hard work” means technically.

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